I hired Susan as an editor, and received not only excellent editing, but a teacher to continuously improve my writing. Her ability to follow and critique the flow of scientific documents is impressive, as is her attention to detail. She has proven immensely valuable for increasing the quality and quantity of my writing output.

— assistant professor

College of Engineering

Northeastern University

I have gone over the manuscript with a fine-tooth comb. Thank you for doing such an amazingly thorough and elegant job! Greatly appreciated!


It has been a pleasure [working with you], and I really appreciate how you made my manuscript much, much better!

       — engineering professor and author

You’ve been terrific to work with. Let me know if you’d be interested in more projects from us.

— managing editor

university press

 Susan enthusiastically engages both the

  content and style of every manuscript.

  She’s an experienced and smart editor who

  writes nuanced and helpful queries for

  authors. Plus, she seeks out feedback that

  allows her to best tailor her work to the

  publisher’s needs. She’s become a highly

  valued member of my freelance team.


—Lisa Ann Cockrel, project editor,

Baker Academic and Brazos Press

 Thank you for helping me make my book

  a reality and a dream come true.

—Self-published author

Susan Matheson functions effectively at so many levels. She is, first and foremost, a superb copyeditor and stylist—an invaluable commodity for anyone wishing to put together a polished product. She can do research  and quickly understand the main arguments of a paper or a topic (and concisely communicate the main ideas in writing).  She can rough out some of your ideas in writing. And she works efficiently and according to your schedule. Finally, she's just plain smart. I enthusiastically recommend Susan's services.

—Kelly James Clark, PhD

senior research fellow,

Kaufman Interfaith Institute;

and professor of philosophy 

 Susan Matheson has an

  excellent eye for detail and was

  able to find subtle typos and

  errors in usage and formatting

  that had been missed by

  previous proofers working on

  the manuscript.


—Wells Turner, senior editor,

Baker Academic and Brazos Press

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