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selected CONTENT EDITING projects.

Content and copyedited a grant proposal for faculty members and doctoral dissertations for students at Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health.


Content and copyedited book by two Massachusetts Institute of Technology engineering professors published by Wiley Blackwell (2018).

Content and copyedited multiple papers by Stanford University mechanical engineering professor on sustainable design published in engineering journals.

Writing coach for Northeastern University engineering professor; content edited multiple papers published in engineering journals.

Content and copyedited book by history professor at Rochester Institute of Technology published by MIT Press (2019).

Content and copyedited masters thesis in history of science by Harvard Extension School student. The thesis won the department's annual ward for best thesis.

Copyedited PhD dissertation on Soviet cinema by Harvard University student.

Content and copyedited masters thesis for four students at the School of Visual Arts (New York City) .

Content edited book proposal and book chapters by ecology professor at the University of Washington (2018-2023).

selected WRITING and RESEARCH projects.

Television program: 


Researched topics for a television interview program that focused on issues related to social justice, ethics,

and religion, and wrote interview questions.

Providence: From Holland

to South Holland


Johannes (Hans) Burrink


Co-wrote memoir with American immigrant who grew up in the Netherlands during World War II and witnessed bombings and assasinations and worked as a child messenger for the Dutch Resistance.

Selecting the Perfect Baby:

The Ethics of Embryo Design

Julia Omarzu


Saving Superman:

A Look into Stem Cell Research

Lisa Marie Rubin

Modified and significantly expanded two biology units, one on reproductive technology and one on stem cells, for a college course.

The Decalogue Travelogue:

A Guide to

Krzysztof Kieslowski’s

Ten Commandments


Wrote a 110-page study guide for the ten-part film series The Decalogue by Krzysztof Kieslowski.  

selected COPYEDITING projects.

Tackle Football and TBIs.jpg

Tackle Football and Traumatic Brain Injuries

Daniel S. Goldberg

Johns Hopkins University Press, 2024

Einsteinian Revolution.png

The Einsteinian Revolution: The Historical Roots of His Breakthroughs

Hanoch Gutfreund and Jurgen Renn

Princeton University Press, 2024

Liars of Nature.png

The Liars of Nature and the Nature of Liars: Cheating and Deception in the Living World

Lixing Sun

Princeton University Press, 2023

How Writing Made Us Human.jpg

How Writing Made Us Human: 3000 BC to Now

Walter Stephens

Johns Hopkins University Press, 2023

Great Expectations.png

Great Adaptations: Star-Nosed Moles . . . and Other Tales of Evolution's Mysteries Solved

Kenneth Catania

Princeton University Press, 2021

Quantum Steampunk by Nicole Yunger Halpern
Robot Ecology by Magnus Egerstedt
Alien Oceans by Kevin Peter Hand
Private Love Public School by Christine A. Yared
Riders in the Storm by Brian G. Henning
A Poetics of Translation
Religion and the Sciences of Origins
Unnatural by Rachel Murr
The Good of Politics
Abraham's Children: Liberty and Tolerance in an Age of Religious Conflict

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