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Susan Matheson, MS, is an academic and nonfiction editor with more than twenty years’ experience copyediting, developmental editing, and proofreading the writings of academic authors. Clients include faculty at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Stanford University, MIT, University of Michigan, Northeastern University, Rochester Institute of Technology, and University of Washington. Publisher clients include Princeton University Press, Johns Hopkins University Press, and RIT Press.

front steps of Columbia University, Low Library, photo by Susan Matheson
Susan Matheson

Need help organizing or polishing an academic or nonfiction manuscript?

Susan can help you track down essential (and obscure) information on any topic.

Susan has published a number of science articles and has recently self-published a book of poems.

Searching for Sand Rubies cover

Searching for Sand Rubies:

Poems of Confusion and Wonder

Susan Matheson

Tangled Excuse Press, 2023

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